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Providing high quality and effective legal services in the Roanoke Valley, the City Salem and Botetourt County since 1978, the firm of COULTER & COULTER is well recognized as a premier and cost-effective source for helping individuals and families to solve a variety of challenges in an increasingly complex society.

Unlike many large or multi-member law firms the individualized attention to a client’s situation sets this firm apart. With over 37 years of experience, Philip C. Coulter has successfully navigated clients through family law issues such as divorce, child custody/visitation and support matters; catastrophic injury and death claims and a multitude of estate matters from straight administrations to contested Will litigation. Mindful of most clients’ concerns of the high cost of litigation in today’s Court systems, but with proven ability to “go to the Court” whenever necessary, the firm of COULTER & COULTER will utilize the most cost effective and “result oriented” methods to resolve issues to adhere to the golden rule of lawyering: to zealously and competently protect and assert the interests of the client.

It is the individualized attention and responsiveness that is the cornerstone of the practice. Philip Coulter has continued with this philosophy having acquired the experience and skills from the Father/Son team with The Honorable Jack B. Coulter who began his Roanoke practice in 1949 and served as a Virginia Circuit Court Judge from 1975 until 1988 and upon his retirement until his death in 2007.

EXPERIENCE is defined as “knowledge, skill or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events.” When combined with PERSONAL ATTENTION, some examples of the types of cases resolved over the past 37 years prove the worth of using both experience and personal attention in combination. Whether recovering funds “stolen” from an inscrutable relative under a Power of Attorney for an elderly relative; recovery of damages from a collision caused by a tractor trailer driver for illegally parking on the Interstate exit ramp; assisting in the estate settlements for children following their relative’s murder/suicide; establishing the “lost Will” and creating trust funds for young children rather than distant relatives; discovering secret financial dealings by a divorcing spouse or simply writing the Will for passing on to loved ones the work of a lifetime; all of these types of cases resulted from applying experience with personal attention. There is no substitute for this combination of attributes and guiding principles.


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